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  • Changes to Basix – 1st July 2017

    This article is intended as a heads up to our clients about the soon to be implemented changes to Basix.  It’s also a reminder to those who know about the changes but might not have noticed that the implementation of these modifications is fast approaching. On the 1st July 2017, Basix energy targets will increase. […]

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  • Kingspan opens Australian Manufacturing Facility

    Kingspan Group Opens Australian Insulation Manufacturing Facility

    Kingspan Insulation opens high-tech, energy-efficient Australian Manufacturing Facility

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  • The ABCB’s Energy Efficiency Initiative

    We touched on the current energy efficiency review being carried out by the ABCB in the article on the 10 Year anniversary. The scope of the changes are potentially very broad so we thought we would bring some more information directly from the ABCB. There is a link to the full ABCB information page at […]

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  • Selling Your Own excess Power

    An article by Emma Young in the West Australia newspaper WA Today, caught our eye. It reports on a trial in Perth where people with solar panels can sell their excess power to each other but not back to the grid.   The article below is from this original article where you can also listen to […]

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  • 10 Years of Section J

    Who would have believed it? Section J has now been around for 10 years. Section J was introduced on the 1st of May 2006, however it had a 6 month implementation delay so it technically came into force in November 2006. Even by January 2007 very few people seemed to know about it. We even […]

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  • Changes to the CBD Scheme

    Where Section J affects new building stock, the Federal Government introduced the Commercial Building Disclosure Scheme (CBD Scheme) to activate market forces to prompt the improvement in energy efficiency in existing buildings. More background on the scheme can be found in an earlier post. Commercial Building Disclosure Scheme and later Commercial Building Disclosure CBD. The scheme […]

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