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Adding sustainability skills to the team

SUSTAINABILITY – First Principles

This year, Application Solutions Director, Andrew Latimer, spent time in Vanuatu with his brother and other volunteers supporting the Vanuatu Prevention of Blindness Project (VPBP). The task was to sail the medical teams and a huge quantity of medical supplies to the remotest islands in the chain providing services not delivered any other way. This brought them in touch with remote communities still living traditional lives. There was a strong understanding of sustainability among the people visited. They were very aware of the importance of their environment for their survival. Villages are set in permaculture gardens which supply all their food and building materials. However, they don’t call it permaculture of course. On returning to Australia it was interesting to find that Jerry Coleby-Williams (ABC Gardening Australia) made similar observations albeit with greater knowledge of the plants he was seeing!

Visit Jerry’s Blog:  http://jerry-coleby-williams.blogspot.com.au/2006/08/real-permaculture.html

We include pictures of local buildings below.

To see more of the VPBP work go to www.msm.org.au .

If you would like to support this project please contact Andrew at Application Solutions
on (02) 9868 4339.

Winter-Spring 2009

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