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Changes Proposed for Section J in 2014

2014 Changes to Section J

The 2014 version of the National Construction Code/Building Code of Australia (NCC /BCA) comes into effect on 1st May 2014. A preview of the new version has now been made available in readiness for the release. We have taken the time to review the updates and changes affecting Section J: Energy Efficiency and have the following summary:

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As usual there are a number of small textual changes to improve consistency across and throughout the Volumes of the Code. Similarly, there are some amendments which aim to clarify various aspects of several clauses and sub-clauses.

There have however been some fairly significant changes in Part J2.4 Glazing. Our readers who are involved with Class 9c developments (aged care buildings) may be interested to know that within the glazing assessment, Class 9c buildings have now been separated from Class 3 buildings. This has resulted in a slight easing of requirements for aged care buildings.

Additionally, some internal glazing will now be required to be assessed differently. The new method requires ‘shading’ to be taken into account in some circumstances. Because of these changes it will now be more helpful than ever to have section drawings where internal glazing forms part of the envelope.

There are a number of other small procedural changes which will affect very few of our assessments but rest assured Application Solutions is across all changes and updates and will do our very best to make the Section J compliance assessment of any development as straightforward as possible.

The ABCB has previously flagged that there are significant updates to Section J on the way. With the change of government this may have been delayed or may still be in progress. Be sure to keep an eye on future editions of our newsletter for updates as we get them.

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