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Section J Awareness

We presume our regular readers are well aware of Section J of the Building Code. It contains controls which set out the minimum energy efficiency requirements for new building work. So if you know about Section J, this article is not for you directly. But it might be for someone you know! If so please pass it along.

Section J has been with us for over seven years now. Never the less we have many people approach us to ask “what is it all about?”. As a result of not knowing, developers of new building projects often face avoidable problems. But, if done well, the Section J provisions can have a net benefit to the project.

If you are new to Section J it is a good idea to raise your hand at an early stage; pre DA if possible. Contact us to have a discussion about the approach to take.

  • ‘Will there be challenges with glazing and shading?’
  • ‘Does the building suit the simple deemed-to-satisfy method of proving compliance?’
  • ‘Would an alternative solution be a better approach?’

The discussion will influence your thoughts on construction method, glazing, lighting, mechanical systems and so on. It will smooth the way ahead enormously.

More information about Section J or various articles on the topic that we’ve written over time.

Illustration Courtesy of Architex

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