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2015 NCC/BCA: Section J updates

It’s that time of year again; the new version of the National Construction Code (Building Code of Australia) has been released with the adoption date of May 1st rapidly approaching. Here at Application Solutions we pride ourselves on keeping abreast of all changes to Section J (Energy Efficiency) and how they will affect our clients.

The 2015 NCC brings a mixture of changes; some are very minor and relate only to layout or clarification issues but Part J5 (Air-conditioning and Ventilation systems) has undergone a rather significant restructure in an attempt to simplify the requirements. At first glance this is certainly the case but closer inspection reveals that much of the complexity seems to have been relocated to the Specification areas of Section J.

We are well underway with developing the most appropriate way to tackle the revised regulations to ensure the best result possible for our clients.

We should also point out that 2015 brings the first release of the NCC available at no cost! We encourage everyone to register to access the Code. Don’t hesitate to contact Application Solutions for help interpreting the revised Section J part of the Code.


Updates to the National Construction Code

Updates to the National Construction Code

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