Building a New Building

Future Proofing Your Building

Building a new Building

Thinking through energy efficiency issues for a new building is very important. The planning and design stage is the best time to maximise energy efficiency opportunities. Whether it is compliance with government regulation or future proofing a long term asset.

  • BASIX Certification

    For homes, additions and multi units (in NSW) a Basix Certificate is required before a Development Application is issued. Obtaining a Basix Certificate means your design has met certain energy and water use objectives.

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  • Concept Development

    The potential of a building to have good energy efficiency starts at the earliest concept sketch

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  • Section J Compliance

    Building Code Compliance

    When applying for a construction certificate you will need to show that you have complied with Energy Efficiency provisions of the Building Code of Australia (Section J).

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  • Green Star Rating

    The Green Star rating scheme has become the accepted measure for communicating the ESD performance of a building. Contact Application Solutions at the beginning of the design process to make Green Star a value addition to the project.

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  • Energy Modeling

    Energy modeling is the corner stone of energy efficient design. It can start by testing design options and progress to optimising the final design to achieve the required energy targets.

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