Facility Owners / Managers

A building is a long term asset and managing energy use in the building into the future is important to control costs and remain competative. It is also important to future tenants and owners who are in the market for sustainable buildings. In addition to market forces some buildings have energy efficiency compliance obligations.

  • NABERS Rating

    NABERS ratings relate to the operational stage of the building and is an important issue for building owners. Your future tenants or future purchasers will want to know what the building rating is. It is a commercial reality.Contact Application Solutions to help prepare your building for a NABERS rating.

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  • Improving Energy Management and Cost Control

    Cost control is an imporatn part of remaining competative. Energy costs are a significant and growing issue. Take a strategic and investment approach to energy efficiency.

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  • Green Star Rating

    Green Star has become the default standard for many tenants. Without the required Green Star rating the building rent to that category of tenants. That means lower rent or difficulty renting.

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  • Concept Development

    Planning a new building or a major upgrade of an existing building. Application Solutions can help you work through options, look for integrated solutions and help you prepare the building for the future.

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  • Commercial Building Disclosure Scheme

    Do you own or are buying a commercial building.? Check and double check the compliance elements of the building. It is a costly drawn out affair to solve built in problems.

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  • Building Code Compliance - Section J - Energy Efficiency

    Building Code Compliance

    Make sure you team is on top of Section J compliance. Application Solutions can prepare a compliance assessment to identify critical design issues early.

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  • Achieving Target Energy Ratings

    Achieving energy target ratings has become an essential business strategy for building owners. It affects rental and sale potential. It is the key to future proofing your building.

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