Managing an existing building

Managing an Existing Building

Managing energy use in a building is a key part of operating a commercial/industrial building. It can involve meeting on-going compliance requirements or progressively introducing energy saving measures to contain the effect of rising energy costs.

  • NABERS Rating

    NABERS energy rating has become a standard measure of energy efficiency for existing buildings. It has become part of the compliance requirements under the CBD Scheme. If you need a NABERS rating or are planning ahead for the future need to rate you building then contact Application Solutions.

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  • Improving Energy Management & Cost Control

    Energy costs is a large component of the overall cost structure. Energy costs are rising rapidly and energy cost management is essential. Application Solutions can help you find significant savings and to make a plan to continually improve performance.

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  • Commercial Building Disclosure Scheme

    Do you manage a large commercial building that is required to comply with the CBD Scheme? If you do you will know that achieving compliance can be a difficult and time consuming process. Application Solutions can help you identify the steps involved and to work through them. Once done - it gets easy!

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  • Achieving Target Energy Ratings

    Application Solutions has a range of services designed to help you manage energy and improve the sustainability of your building or business.

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