If energy were a production line, how much waste would you tolerate?

Energy cost control = Strategic advantage

Articles tagged "batteries"

  • Can Electric Vehicles Help the Electricity Grid?

    In thinking about balancing the supply renewable energy with demand, we were reminded of an interesting idea we reported on 11 years ago. The article was about the use of plug in hybrid cars as part of the grid. Engineer, Richard Hunwick, put forward the proposal. Check out the full story here: https://applicationsolutions.com.au/blog/finding-solutions-an-example It was a […]

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  • Micro Grids – The Future

    Back in 2017 we had a newsletter item about a trial program in Perth where people with solar panels could sell their excess power to each other but not back to the grid. It raised a lot of interesting ideas about the use of ‘blockchain’ software and the balancing of supply and demand of electricity. […]

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