Section J

A Closer Look at Section J

We have picked out a few key points from each of the new parts of Section J starting with J1.3 Roof and Ceiling Construction. Roof and Ceiling Construction This appears to be a very short section which should be easy to get one’s head around. If you take out all the lines of text relating …

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The New Section J

In the Dec 2018 newsletter, we talked about the goals of the ABCB review that lead to the new Section J code. They were 1/ Increase in stringency, 2/Simplification and 3/ Increase the emphasis on verification methods. Where these goals achieved? There is definitely an increase in stringency and added to the range of verification …

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Section J Awareness

We presume our regular readers are well aware of Section J of the Building Code. It contains controls which set out the minimum energy efficiency requirements for new building work. So if you know about Section J, this article is not for you directly. But it might be for someone you know! If so please …

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Changes to Section J – 2013

Every year a new edition of the National Construction Code* (NCC) is issued on the 1st May. The new edition contains all the updates needed for the code across all sections. Since Section J was added in 2006, there have been amendments each year. Usually these have been minor with the exception of 2010 when …

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Section J – Alternative Solutions (JV3)

Achieving Section J Compliance on your existing building can be a prohibitively expensive exercise in cases where the standard solutions don\’t seem to fit the design. Could a Section J – Alternative Solution be the way forward for you?

Roof Colour Matters!

Building a new commercial building in Climate Zone 5? Did you know that roof colour matters!

Thermal Performance of Walls

In Sydney (Climate Zones 5 & 6) commercial buildings require an R-value of R2.8 for the external walls. A common misconception is that a double brick wall will achieve that. Unfortunately brick is not a good insulator. It does have thermal mass, an advantage which is recognised in some situations, but commonly commercial buildings require …

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Proving Compliance

Occasionally a certificate purporting that a design complies with Section J is submitted yet there is no evidence to show that it does. Application Solutions checked up on a certificate recently only to find the person concerned didn’t have a copy of Section J and didn’t know what it contained. That didn’t stop him claiming …

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NCC/BCA2012 – Section J Update

On the 1st May each year the new building code comes out. This year there is very little to report concerning changes to Section J. There were major changes in 2010 but in 2011 and 2012 the changes have been relatively minor. However, the Australian Building Codes Board is foreshadowing major future changes resulting from …

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