Basix Announcement – Boarding Houses

We have talked several times in previous newsletters about the challenges of assessing boarding houses in NSW. This has been because Class 3 boarding houses have, over time, been interpreted as needing a Basix certificate as well as a full Section J assessment under the building code.

In attempt to resolve this problem the Dept of Planning introduced an alternate assessment method. This was reported on at the time. See a link to the previous article below.

We now have advance notice that this method will be revised and simplified and should be in effect later this month. See the announcement below.
If you are planning a boarding house, please contact us to discuss how the new procedures will affect your development.

We are writing to you because you have previously submitted an application for a BASIX alternative assessment for a large boarding house.The department has developed a new process for the BASIX assessment of most large boarding houses (which includes student accommodation).

Once this new process goes ‘live’ in mid-September, you will be able to complete a standard online assessment for most large boarding houses and generate a BASIX certificate, without having to apply for an alternative assessment.

The current requirements will continue to apply. That is, you will not have to assess the thermal comfort of the development as part of the BASIX assessment.

Instead, you must assess the thermal comfort at a later stage (i.e. the construction certificate stage) against the Section J requirements of the National Construction Code – Volume 1.

We will publish full details of the new process when it goes ‘live’. If you have a large boarding house project, you may find it more efficient to wait until the new process is in place.


Kind regards
The BASIX Team
Department of Planning, Industry and Environment

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