Section J Report


Section J Energy Efficiency Report

A Section J report aims to show compliance with energy efficiency standards in Section J of the National Construction Code, which is targeting to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The report is required by Class 2-9 buildings, however in NSW, residential Class 2 and 4 parts of a building are predominantly subject to BASIX requirements.

Councils and Appropriate Authorities across Australia may sometimes require a Section J report to accompany a Development Application and/or Construction Certificate (NSW) application in order to proceed. 

How a Section J Report is Prepared


for the building, to understand buiding design and intended use


of NCC Section J based on building design and use

3 – DO ENERGY MODELING (if required)

to assess the building’s energy efficiency


to relevant authorities (i.e., local council or building certifier), as part of building approval


with a detailed energy efficiency and recommendations


in areas where the building does not comply with Section J

Benefits of a Section J Report

A Section J report can help you: 

  • Save time and money by resolving issues earlier on 
  • Be compliant with the government’s energy efficiency requirements 
  • Save energy costs by adopting a more energy-efficient design 
  • Improve comfort for building users and occupants 
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of your building and help fight climate change 
  • Make your building more attractive to potential buyers or tenants 
  • Demonstrate your commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability 

Do you need a Section J Report?

Our specialists can help you find out if you need a Section J Report. Application Solutions will be glad to assist you with Section J document compliance for obtaining your Construction Certificate (NSW) or your relevant building approval application across Australia. 

A Section J Report outlines the energy efficiency requirements for commercial buildings and residential buildings (BASIX applying to residential buildings in NSW) in Australia, so that building designers, architects, and builders can ensure that their building design and construction meets the government’s energy efficiency requirements. 

A Section J Report should provide an assessment of the building design and construction against the energy efficiency requirements in the National Construction Code (NCC) Section J, including: 

  • Part J0Energy Efficiency 
  • Part J1 – Building Fabric 
  • Part J2 – The content of Part 2 for glazing which existed in NCC 2016 has been removed. Glazing provisions are now included in Part J1. 
  • Part J3 – Building Sealing 
  • Part J4 – This Part has deliberately been left blank due to its removal in BCA 2010. 
  • Part J5 – Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems 
  • Part J6 – Artificial Lighting and Power 
  • Part J7 – Heated Water Supply and Swimming and Spa Pool Plant 
  • Part J8 – Facilities for Energy Monitoring  

Anyone involved in the design, construction or alteration of commercial or residential buildings in Australia needs a Section J Report, including architects, certifiers, developers, and builders. 

A Section J Report should ideally be carried out during the building’s design stage, so that any non-compliant design can be easily corrected. 

Preparing a Section J Report generally takes 1-2 weeks, however depending on the complexity of the building design and the report’s level of detail, it can take longer. 

A Section J Report need not be updated on a regular basis but should be updated whenever there is a significant alteration or extension to the building that affects the building’s thermal envelope, lighting, or HVAC systems.  

Failure to obtain a Section J Report can result in penalties and fines due to non-compliance with energy efficiency requirements set by the government. A non-compliant building may also have higher operating costs and may be less attractive to potential tenants or buyers. 


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