Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Consultation Services for Home Owners


Professional BASIX (Building Sustainability Index) Certification You Can Depend On

It is essential for a home owner to understand the importance of energy efficiency and sustainability when building or renovating homes. For expert guidance on BASIX (building certification and energy efficiency compliance), Application Solutions can help. Our certified professionals can provide expert services to ensure that your home meets all regulatory standards. 

How Application Solutions Helps Home Owners

Any home owner can get bogged down by all the compliance requirements for construction or major remodels. Application Solutions can assist you to ensure that all work on your project complies with the relevant BASIX requirements. We can facilitate the process for you, providing assurance that your home is fully compliant with relevant rules and regulations. 

Extensive Knowledge

National Construction Code (NCC) requirements are complex, so we provide clear, professional advice. Our seasoned experts specialise in evaluating your project’s energy performance within the BASIX framework. 

Seamless Compliance

Our team offers expertise in national and local compliance requirements, ensuring that your building project (whether it be an extension, renovation, or new construction) adheres to the highest standards.


Our team of specialists ensures your building certification is managed efficiently, saving you both time and money, and helping you avoid the costly need for any do-overs.


We work not just to tick boxes but to ensure you can enjoy improved comfort in your home, minimised environmental footprint, and lower energy costs – all leading to increasing your home’s value. 


Complying with BASIX

Connect with our skilled team for professional support in meeting the Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) requirements. We are dedicated to ensuring your home meets the BASIX criteria and stands out in sustainable design and efficient use of resources. Our targeted strategy encompasses essential elements like water saving, maintaining thermal comfort, and optimising energy consumption, bringing your project into harmony with NSW’s environmental objectives. 

  • Comprehensive energy evaluations to pinpoint the best solutions tailored for your home.
  • Detailed reports and certifications, demonstrating your commitment to NCC compliance.
  • Bespoke advice to boost your home’s energy efficiency.
  • Insightful training and education to keep you in the know and share energy-smart practices.

5 Simple Steps to A Greener Home

As a home owner, you can count on our support to enhance the energy efficiency of your home. Here’s how we’ll collaborate to achieve sustainability success:

Assessment of Design Plans

We’ll meticulously evaluate your house design plans, paying close attention to energy-efficient aspects — insulation, window specifications, air conditioning systems, and lighting. Our goal is to optimise these elements for maximum efficiency.

Energy Efficiency Recommendations

After the assessment, we’ll provide tailored recommendations to enhance your home’s overall energy performance. These might include suggestions for more efficient insulation materials, solar panels, or energy-saving heating and cooling systems.

Compliance and Regulation Guidance

Regulatory compliance can be complex. We’ll guide you through the best pathway for energy efficiency, ensuring that all modifications align with legal requirements – because your peace of mind matters.

Documentation and Certification

Our expert team will assist in preparing documentation that presents your compliance with energy efficiency standards. This could involve energy modelling reports or applications for energy efficiency certifications.  

Continual Consultation

We’ll be here for you even after your project is complete. Whether you need support during upgrades or have questions about maintaining energy efficiency, feel free to reach out.

Talk to Our Green Home Experts

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As a home owner, you have the ultimate responsibility in ensuring sustainability for your home. While creating a comfortable living space, you are also contributing to a greener, more resilient future. So, you need to be sure that your home is designed mindfully, considering energy efficiency.  

You must also think about conserving resources by using water-saving fixtures, recycling materials, and choosing sustainable building materials. Be mindful of energy consumption and select energy-efficient appliances and consider solar panels. Think long-term and plan for durability, keeping in mind that a sustainable home is an investment in your well-being as well as the environment. 

As a home owner, you’ll want to ensure you comply with the National Construction Code (NCC) for thermal performance, energy consumption, and efficient lighting and HVAC systems. You will also need to comply with the Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) standards about water conservation, thermal comfort, and energy use. 

Absolutely! Application Solutions specialises in energy efficiency and sustainability. Here’s how we assist home owners: 

  • Assessment: We evaluate your home design plans, focusing on energy-efficient aspects. 
  • Recommendations: We give tailored advice on materials, technologies, and modifications to enhance energy performance. 
  • Regulatory Guidance: We navigate the complex regulations, ensuring legal compliance. 
  • Documentation: Our team prepares the necessary paperwork for energy efficiency certifications. 

Navigating regulations can be daunting and difficult for a home owner alone to undertake. Partnering with experts like us streamlines the process because we provide clarity, expertise, and peace of mind. 

As a home owner, you can depend on Application Solutions to join your compliance and certification journey. If you’re working with a building certifier, we can give peer reviews of compliance documentation. We can also assist you in preparing for your construction certificate application.  

At Application Solutions, we take pride in contributing to a more sustainable future for over 16 years now. Our experience in the building certification industry has been honed to deliver top-quality service. Your aspirations for an eco-friendly home align perfectly with our mission, so if you’re planning renovations, new construction, or energy-efficient upgrades, reach out to us today 

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