Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Consultation Services for Architects & Designers


Elevate Your Green Architecture and Sustainable Building Design

Application Solutions enables architects and designers to confidently create energy-efficient building designs. Whether designing a new structure or revitalising an existing building, we ensure you can comply completely with all the relevant sustainability standards and regulations. Optimise your design with energy efficiency features by working with Application Solutions.


How Application Solutions Helps
Designers and Architects

The National Construction Code (NCC) can be complex and intimidating, but we can deftly manoeuvre it while helping you attain its energy efficiency standards. Synergising our expertise with the in-house evaluation tools we built, we can forge accurate assessments and find clear compliance pathways for architects and designers.
You can count on our energy efficiency certification specialists to propel your project toward coveted energy efficiency certification. 

Get Knowledge Savvy

Our expert consultants have spent years specialising in evaluating energy efficiency performance within the NCC’s framework.


We guide architects and designers to smoothly align building designs with regulatory requirements, including NCC standards. 

Save Time
& Money

Our sustainability experts streamline certification processes in ways that save you time and costs, while avoiding expensive rework.

Enhance Your Reputation

We can help build your reputation as a dependable, eco-friendly designer or architect, as we guide you on energy efficiency and sustainability


Align with Section J

Comply with the intricate standards delineated in Section J of the National Construction Code (NCC) guided by our team of specialists. We guarantee meticulous alignment of every facet of your building project regarding thermal performance, energy consumption, efficient lighting, HVAC systems, and related areas. Our goal for you is to surpass these critical requirements, as we:

  • Assess and find the best energy solutions
    for your project.
  • Prepare your NCC compliance reports and
  • Guide you on enhancing building energy
  • Educate with related Section J options.

Comply with BASIX

Partner with our seasoned team in adhering to the complex requirements of the Building Sustainability Index (BASIX). Our specialisation lies in ensuring that your building design projects meet BASIX standards and transcend them by embracing sustainable design and optimal resource efficiency. We will focus on critical areas such as water conservation, thermal comfort, and energy utilisation, while aligning your project with NSW’s environmental objectives. 

5 Simple Steps to Sustainable Design

Complete process for architects and designers to reach building sustainability goals:

Design Plan Assessment

We meticulously evaluate your building’s design plans, with a laser focus on energy efficiency aspects like insulation, window specifications, HVAC systems, and lighting. 

Tailored Recommendations

We offer post-assessment recommendations specific to your project leading toward optimal energy performance. That could include energy-efficient climate control systems, advanced insulation materials, and solar panels.

Regulatory Compliance Guidance

Our team will expertly steer you through the regulatory maze, ensuring full compliance with energy efficiency standards and legal requirements at every turn.

Documentation & Certification Support

We will assist you in preparing documentation that demonstrates your building’s energy efficiency compliance. Energy modelling reports and certification applications are our forte. 

Ongoing Support

We will journey with you beyond project completion, continuing to provide assistance and support for energy efficiency and sustainability. We can also help with compiling compliance certificates to assist in streamlining the Final Occupation process.

Talk to Sustainable Design Specialists

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Architects and designers play a pivotal role in achieving a sustainable future. Their responsibilities include: 

  • Designing environmentally-conscious buildings, integrating sustainability principles into their designs, considering energy efficiency, materials, and environmental impact 
  • Advocating for sustainable practices and championing sustainable construction methods, energy-efficient technologies, and low-carbon materials 
  • Balancing aesthetics and efficiency, striving to create beautiful spaces while minimizing environmental impact 

Architects and designers must comply with the National Construction Code (NCC), with special attention to Section J, BASIX, and local regulations. These ensure that new building designs are energy efficient and sustainable. 

Yes, designers and architects can benefit from Application Solutions’ consulting services, such as: 

  • Compliance validation, ensuring adherence to relevant laws and standards 
  • Streamlined certification, following our process that simplifies certification  
  • Improvement assistance, identifying areas for enhancements and modifications 
  • Energy efficiency guidance, providing expert direction for building certification 

Yes, you can work alone on energy efficiency and sustainability compliance. However, an Application Solutions Expert can provide specialised advice on energy efficiency, sustainability, and compliance. Architects can also benefit from customised recommendations for materials, technologies, and design modifications. Plus, Application Solutions can help architects navigate complex regulations and ensure legal compliance. 

If you seek an expert in sustainable design and energy efficient architecture for buildings, Application Solutions can help. Our comprehensive approach can address multiple imperatives like reducing emissions, ensuring affordability, and strengthening competitiveness. By leveraging Application Solutions’ expertise, architects can make rapid strides toward climate commitments and in achieving net zero emissions. Together, we can create a greener, more resilient built environment. Speak with Application Solutions today. 

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