Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Consultation Services for Builders


Navigate Sustainable Building Projects Confidently

Application Solutions enables builders to successfully undertake energy efficient building projects for eco-conscious clients. Whether constructing a new structure or renovating an existing building, we can help you comply fully with relevant sustainability standards and regulations. Eventually, you could carve a reputation as a green building champion.


How Application Solutions Can Help You

We have a rock-solid expertise in the NCC’s energy efficiency provisions. Combining that with our proprietary assessment tools, we can deliver accurate assessments and clear compliance pathways for builders.You can depend on our energy efficiency certification specialists for top-tier consultation services leading to your project’s energy efficiency certification. 


Our seasoned experts have evaluated the energy efficiency performance of diverse projects versus the current NCC standards.

Streamlined Compliance

We simplify the energy efficiency component of your projects, ensuring that building designs comply with NCC regulations.


Our consultants can prevent costly rework, helping you save time and money during the certification process.

Reputation Enhancement

Collaborating with us can enhance your reputation as a builder committed to sustainable and energy-efficient construction.


Complying with Section J

The NCC’s Section J guidelines can seem complex, but you can partner with us to decode them. Our goal is to make sure that every facet of your building endeavour be it thermal efficiency, energy usage, smart lighting, or HVAC systems will meet and surpass those crucial benchmarks. 

  • Conduct energy assessments to identify the best solutions for the project.
  • Prepare Section J reports and certificates to demonstrate compliance with the NCC.
  • Provide advice and guidance on how to improve the energy performance of the building.
  • Offer training and education on Section J and related topics.

Obtaining a BASIX Certificate

Our specialists will deftly guide you through the BASIX requirements, moving your projects beyond compliance, covering sustainable design and resource efficiency. From water conservation to thermal comfort, we align your vision with NSW’s green aspirations. 

5 Simple Steps to Greener Building Projects

Comprehensive support for builders spelled out to ensure your success: 

Design Plans Evaluation

We’ll assess your building’s design plans, emphasising energy-efficient elements like insulation, window specifications, HVAC systems, and lighting.

Energy-Efficiency Advice

After our assessment, we’ll offer tailored recommendations to enhance your building’s energy performance. This could involve suggesting advanced insulation materials, solar panels, or efficient heating, and cooling systems.

Directions for Regulatory Compliance

We will assist you in navigating the regulatory pathway for energy efficiency, ensuring all modifications meet legal standards. 

Documentation & Certification

We will help prepare documentation highlighting the building’s adherence to energy efficiency standards. This may involve energy modelling reports or applications for efficiency certifications.

Continuing Support

Even post-project completion, feel free to contact us for assistance or upgrades, ensuring sustained energy efficiency compliance.

Talk to Our Specialists

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Builders play a crucial role in designing and constructing energy-efficient buildings. That includes choosing eco-friendly materials and minimising construction waste. 

Builders must adhere to the National Construction Code, specifically Section J when undertaking commercial buildings, BASIX, and local regulations. These ensure that new constructions are energy efficient and sustainable. 

Yes, builders can benefit from Application Solutions’ consulting services, such as: 

  • Compliance Validation: We ensure adherence to relevant laws and standards. 
  • Streamlined Certification: Our process simplifies certification. 
  • Improvement Assistance: We identify areas for enhancement. 
  • Energy Efficiency Guidance: Expert direction for building certification. 

While a builder can work alone to comply with sustainability regulations and standards for a building project, it can be quite challenging. The complexity of regulations and requirements can be daunting. These regulations often involve detailed technical knowledge and continuous updates that a builder must stay abreast of. 

Having a consultant can reduce a builder’s stress in complying with sustainability regulations, especially if a consultant has a deep grasp, proven expertise, and wide experience in building energy efficiency & sustainability. Building certifiers can engage Application Solutions to give peer reviews of compliance documentation. Application Solutions can also help clients prepare for construction certificate applications. With over 16 years of industry experience, we’re committed to a sustainable future. Contact Application Solutions today. 

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