2012 Spring

Energy Efficiency Funding Assistance

Energy Efficiency projects usually present a self evident business case. There is a capital expenditure (or more accurately a life cycle cost) followed by a flow of savings in recurrent expenditure over the life of the project. A range of projects will have different returns on investment related to the capital, time and savings involved. Invariably some of these will meet the business’ investment criteria. If that is the case why don’t more energy efficiency projects get built?

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Co-Gen and Tri-Gen

Co-gen and Tri-gen are strategies to improve energy efficiency and to improve your NABERS rating. How do you  know if this is applicable to your facility? Co-generation is the local production of electricity and heat where both forms of energy can be utilized on site or nearby. This improves the system efficiency considerably compared to

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Welcome to our latest Industry Update – Newsletter. Every day sees something in the media about energy and the environment. It is hard to avoid coming across and leaves you wondering where it is all heading. Here are a few examples from the Sydney Morning Herald in the last few weeks. Malaysian city plans bright

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