Energy Audit Pays Off

In our newsletter we have often talked about energy audits being an investment rather than a cost. This is because the initial expense can have on going benefits in terms of energy savings. There is nothing like a real life example to bring this home. Our Alliance partners, DNA Electrical carried out an initial energy audit for a large warehouse on the Central Coast.

This resulted in a range of initiatives including a number of no-cost and low-cost options that could be implemented straight away. A second round of initiatives required the installation of computer controlled voltage management equipment on the lighting circuits. All initiatives where assessed by the company on a business case basis and they stacked up.

Later, application was made for Energy Saving Certificates which was successful and ultimately generated a cash return. The certificates effectively lowered the capital cost and shortened the payback period. This good news story made the local paper which captured the moment of payment!

Spring 2011

Energy Cost Management


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