Looking to the Future

Late last year (2008) CNN ran a story about an emerging green race between China and the rest of the world. The paradox is that many in the world are accusing China of being a major polluter and of not supporting international efforts to curb carbon pollution. But behind the scenes China is apparently making the early moves to restructure its economy to reduce green house gas emissions. CNN quoted multi-Pulitzer Prize winning author Thomas Friedman \”China\’s leaders have decided to go green,……too many of their people can\’t breathe, can\’t swim, can\’t fish, can\’t farm and can\’t drink thanks to pollution from its coal- and oil-based manufacturing growth engine. And, therefore, unless China powers its development with cleaner energy systems, and more knowledge-intensive businesses without smokestacks, China will die of its own development.\”

The article goes on to report that a major new report has stirred the mix further.

Produced by an international task force and presented to the Chinese government last month, \”China\’s Pathway Towards a Low Carbon Economy\” (CPTLCE) presents a clear plan showing how the country can make the switch from red to green.

It can do this, the report suggests, by evolving its economic development model, adjusting its economic structure, enhancing its technological innovation capacity and strengthening the sustainability of its economy.

Australian’s emissions are a tiny % of China’s and maybe we need to look to China for leadership and green technology in the future. China will certainly be viewing the issue from the perspective of its national security. That’s how we will need to see it too!

Quote from CNN 14 December 2009

Dec 2009

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