Section J – the big secret!

It still surprises us how little is known about Section J in the wider community. An environmentalist was saying to us recently that more should be done to save energy and reduce greenhouse gases. When we pointed out that Section J has come in and that it affects all new commercial buildings, they are genuinely surprised; almost disbelieving.
Then we explained that we work in this field everyday of the week and we see applicants for new buildings grappling with how to comply with the new regulations and as a result they are producing more efficient buildings. So it is working!
Why is it a secret?


Section J sets a limit for the amount of power that can be used for lighting. This limit can be increased by the use of various automatic control devices such as movement detectors, timers, occupant sensor etc. So when designing your lighting think about what areas could use such controls and in the process save energy and have more light when you really need it!

First featured in our newsletter Sept 2007

Section J Compliance Assessment 

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