Solar Train

This is a heart-warming story. Imagine a train that is fully powered by the sun. Sounds ideal doesn’t it? If it could be done it would have to be a world’s first, right?

Well, it has been done and somehow it seems appropriate it was done in the seaside town of Byron Bay.

Here is a short extract form the Byron Bay Railroad Company website which best explains their project.

Byron Bay Railroad Company has restored a derelict heritage train, repaired three kilometres of railway line and a bridge and reinvigorated and consequently preserved a section of an out of action rail corridor to provide a heritage rail service linking two key Byron Bay centres. The train operates on energy from the sun. 73% of the energy generated from solar panels on the train and train storage shed is fed into the grid. The remainder is used to operate the train. This is a world-first truly solar train and Byron Bay Railroad Company is proud to bring this technology to Byron Bay.

Byron Bay Railroad Company was awarded the 2018 Rail Sustainability award at the Australasian Rail Association Awards in recognition of the work done to re-use infrastructure and rolling stock and to bring to life the world’s first solar-powered conventional train.

Please visit their website to learn more:

There was also a great video produced by the YouTube channel, fullychargedshow.

We hope you enjoy the video.

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