Building a New Building

The Value of Energy Monitoring

The first step to take in the energy reduction journey is monitoring. The old saying is true: “you can’t control what you can’t measure”. We design a monitoring scheme that will reveal the critical issues early and allows ongoing monitoring to ensure everything is working as it should. The monitoring system can be designed to …

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Changes to Section J – 2013

Every year a new edition of the National Construction Code* (NCC) is issued on the 1st May. The new edition contains all the updates needed for the code across all sections. Since Section J was added in 2006, there have been amendments each year. Usually these have been minor with the exception of 2010 when …

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Roof Colour Matters!

Building a new commercial building in Climate Zone 5? Did you know that roof colour matters!

Thermal Performance of Walls

In Sydney (Climate Zones 5 & 6) commercial buildings require an R-value of R2.8 for the external walls. A common misconception is that a double brick wall will achieve that. Unfortunately brick is not a good insulator. It does have thermal mass, an advantage which is recognised in some situations, but commonly commercial buildings require …

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Proving Compliance

Occasionally a certificate purporting that a design complies with Section J is submitted yet there is no evidence to show that it does. Application Solutions checked up on a certificate recently only to find the person concerned didn’t have a copy of Section J and didn’t know what it contained. That didn’t stop him claiming …

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Bulk Insulation

The R-Value of bulk insulation is reduced if it is compressed. The allocated space for bulk insulation must allow the insulation to be installed so that it maintains its correct thickness. This is particularly relevant to wall and cathedral ceiling framing whose members can only accommodate a limited thickness of insulation. In some instances, larger …

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Cradle to Cradle – Carpet

Back in 2008 the Green Building Council of Australia ran the Green Cities Conference. At that conference there was an inspirational presentation by Michael Braungart, co-author of the book ‘Cradle to Cradle’. Michael outlined an entirely different way of thinking about technology modelled on a technological cycle which mimics the biological cycle. In this cycle …

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Retrofit Double Glazing

Another option for improving energy efficiency in existing buildings is to install double glazing. Double glazing improves the insulation property of glazing. However, to replace existing glazing is a very expensive option. The Magnetite systems utilises the existing glazing and adds an inner glazed panel. This panel is made of polycarbonate and is light and …

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Energy Efficient Window Film

Options for improving energy efficiency in existing buildings is always welcome. New high tech window films can help improve the thermal performance of your existing glazing. The air-conditioning load placed on a building with high solar heat gain on one side and cold shadows on the other is substantial and costly. By reducing the solar …

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