Total Facilities Live Expo

The Application Solutions team attended the Total Facilities Live Expo recently. The first thing that struck us was how, in a few short years, the range of energy efficient options available has increased enormously. We have picked out a few exhibitors in different areas to highlight in this edition of our newsletter. The examples chosen are all suitable for retro-fit situations to help existing buildings achieve greater energy efficiency. As good as each example is, we don’t recommend investment in any upgrade works for energy efficiency without prior study. We have often found that the most obvious suggestions are not always the best place to invest funds. By undertaking an energy audit (plus energy modelling if required) all potential options can be prioritised on a business case basis to ensure you are using funds in the most effective way. (Click here for more information).

Here are a few retro-fit energy efficiency technologies exhibited at Total facilities Live:

Recycling Fluro Lights

Energy Efficient Window Film

Retrofit Double Glazing

Cradle to Cradle – Carpet

Energy Efficient LED Lighting


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