Energy Efficient LED Lighting

We have been following the progress of WBS Technology for some years and it was good to see them at the Expo also. WBS became involved in LED lighting back when the quality available was indifferent and the cost prohibitive. WBS set out to manufacture their own LED lighting where they could guarantee the quality and bring the cost down. We have been particularly interested in their car-park and fire stair solutions. These are two areas where a huge amount of energy is used to maintain lighting over long periods. Because the lighting is often required throughout the peak period the energy cost can be prohibitive. The WBS system uses strip LEDs connected to microwave movement detectors. The LED lights operate at the lower dimmed luminance level (20% of the rated) unless movement is detected at which time it switches to 100% in the affected areas. There are many situations where lighting cannot be totally turned off so the 20% option keeps an area generally illuminated for security and safely while only returning to 100% when actually needed. As we all know LED use less energy than other forms of lighting and to operate at the 20% level saves even more energy and cost.

WBS has provided a case study to illustrate the savings. See below, and read the Fire stair energy saving solution for more information.

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