Vanuatu Medical Outreach Program

Application Solutions has been a supporter of the Vanuatu Prevention of Blindness project since 2009. Since then the remote area outreach program has expanded into the general medical, dental and health education areas. Usually our involvement centres on sailing a yacht with people and supplies to remote places. This year the yacht stayed at home for some well earned R&R while the outreach program continued using other means of transport. Application Solutions’ director, Andrew Latimer, who is one of the yacht’s skippers, was asked to skipper one of the recent ‘yacht-less’ tours. His official title was actually “team leader” but this morphed into “big boss Dr Andrew” in the local language.

The outreach tour was based on the island of Maewo which is hard to get to and is also the wettest Island in Vanuatu. The last leg of the trip was by light plane to Pentecost Island followed by a small boat trip across open ocean to get to Maewo Is.

The island had not seen a doctor for 3 years and the service was well received. Very formal and heartfelt welcomes and farewells were given to the team.

Read the full story here. Or more information about the program can be found on the MSM website.

Also see the article about the Micro Hydro project on Maewo Island.

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