Development of Online Section J training

Application Solutions and the Association of Accredited Certifiers Team up to develop Online Section J Training.

The Association of Accredited Certifiers has introduced an online training option for the on-going professional development of its members. Application Solutions were delighted to be asked to contribute to the course content by developing two training modules on Section J. The preparation work is now completed and the finished course is now available on-line. Here is an extract adapted from the AAC’s information provided to members about the online training.


AAC CPD Online

AAC has launched an exciting new initiative in the delivery of training for accredited certifiers.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an annual requirement for all accredited certifiers to ensure they stay up-to-date with industry developments, skills, tools, knowledge and statutory responsibilities.

To expand the learning opportunities for accredited certifiers, the AAC has launched AAC CPD Online.

AAC CPD Online will deliver training courses that can be completed anywhere and anytime.

AAC CPD Online will complement its face-to-face training seminars and webinars. Online learning is a hugely popular training delivery method as it is convenient and helps take training to more people across NSW.

The benefits of AAC CPD Online include:

  • Save time and money: No time off work. No need to travel.
  • On demand: You choose when and where you learn.
  • Self-paced: You can complete the course as fast or as slow as you like.
  • Learn: Improve or update your knowledge
  • CPD: Earn Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points


The AAC now offers Continuing Professional Development online certification

To start, AAC CPD Online will offer two purpose built courses, plus a range of National Construction Code (NCC) Courses. It will gradually add more training modules and build a library of easy to use, interesting and informative online courses.

Most of the online training modules that will be offered through AAC CPD Online will be one hour courses on a variety of subjects.

Whether you want to know more about a specific topic or you need to find some additional points at the end of the year, AAC CPD Online will be worth visiting.

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