Measurement and Verification

Application Solutions personnel, Andrew Latimer and Bill Liu are now recognised as Certified Measurement and Verification Professionals. This qualification has been awarded by the Efficiency Valuation Organisation (EVO) based in Washington DC and represented in Australia by the Energy Efficiency Council (EEC).

Measurement and Verification (M&V) has become increasingly important to validate investments in energy efficiency strategies. An independent, internationally recognised M&V plan helps all stake holders understand the results of the investment including the project client and the contractor; in addition it can include the project financier and in some cases Government agencies which may be involved in funding the project. Often the contracts between the parties will include the M&V strategy.

Application Solutions continues to develop their skill base and are now providing M&V services.

M&V – A Quick Explanation

It is very hard to measure the absence of something; which is the task we are faced with when measuring how much energy has been saved. To meet this challenge we plan ahead and develop a base-line of energy usage before any energy conservation measures (ECM) are undertaken. At the same time we identify variables (such as ambient temperature) which might be directly correlated to energy use. Using statistical methods, a variable with a very high correlation is used as the basis for creating an ongoing base line for the post ECM implementation period. During the reporting period, after the ECM has been implemented, energy use is continued to be measured and graphed against the calculated base line. The difference between the two results is the measure of the energy saved. The graph below illustrates this process.


Introduction to M&V for Facility Managers

A very good introduction to M&V for Facility Managers is published by the EEC.

Visit the EEC Website for a copy of this publication.



More About EEC

The Energy Efficiency Council is the peak body for energy efficiency and cogeneration services and products, focusing on the non-residential sector. Energy efficiency and cogeneration delivers major economic benefits to companies and is the largest, most cost-effective and technologically mature source of emission abatement. Realising this potential requires high-tech products and specialists to identify and implement energy efficiency upgrades.

For more information visit the EEC website.


More About EVO

The Efficiency Valuation Organization (EVO) offers worldwide the Certified Measurement and Verification Professional program which has been set with the dual purpose of recognising the most qualified professionals in this growing area of the energy industry, and raising the overall professional standards within the measurement and verification field. The Association of Energy Engineers is the certification body for the CMVP certification provided in conjunction with the EVO training.

For more information visit the EVO website.


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