Micro Hydro On Maewo Island, Vanuatu

Application Solutions has long been a supporter of Pelena Energy and its founder, Peter Lynch.

Pelena Energy provides original and ground up thinking about sustainability in the very tough proving ground of Pacific Islands.

Pelena’s mission is: “To partner with the stakeholders of rural areas, particularly of the South Pacific, to develop tangible and sustainable renewable energy products and integrated services.”

Pelena Energy have done a lot of work in PNG and the Solomon Islands. But more recently a project in Vanuatu caught our attention because of the medical project we support there.

Not to miss the opportunity to see the project for ourselves we took a diversion a short way inland. The project is an amazing effort, much of it done by hand with help from all the locals. It is now producing electricity constantly. The next phase of the project is to reticulate the power to the three nearby villages to get the most out of the new infrastructure. Here are some photos of the project taken during our recent medical trip. See also the article on the medical outreach program later in this Newsletter.

For more on Pelena Energy’s Maewo project visit their Facebook Page.

Micro Hydro Installation on Maewo Island, Vanuatu

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