Data Visualisation

Many companies invest in sustainability for good environmental and economic reasons. Having invested the time, effort and funds to improve their environmental performance and lower their energy costs it is natural to want to communicate that to various stakeholders. A recent project undertaken for Lakes Business Park illustrates this well.

Lakes Business Park had, over a number of years, undertaken initiatives to improve their environmental performance. Initially this was driven by the need to improve the NABERS energy rating which in turn makes the rental space more attractive to tenants.

To communicate the work that Lakes Business Park had done, Application Solutions developed a data visualisation facility which collected data from various sources and presented it in easy to understand graphical images. This was presented on a large screen in the office foyer with multiple pages scrolling through, combining pictorial ‘story’ pages and automatically updated data driven graphics.

A particularly interesting page illustrates the amount of solar energy being generated versus the energy expended on the air-conditioning system. See screen print below. In the sample week illustrated, solar energy significantly exceeds the energy used by the air-conditioning system.


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