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Application Solutions

Application Solutions comprises a team of dedicated professionals who are making a difference in the energy efficiency and sustainability field. As you will see from the pages of this web site the scope of work is broad in order to deliver integrated benefits to clients.

Each member of the team takes a special interest in specific areas and keeps up to date in what has become a fast moving field.

A new low carbon future is before us which will change the way all of us live and work. Our objective is to face this future proactively and creatively so that the transition to this new future can be as smooth as possible.

Application Solutions Team

A range of skills through our Alliance Partners

The Application Solutions team is well qualified and experienced in the energy efficiency and sustainability fields. To expand our ability even further, to provide integrated solutions, we have formed an alliance with other professionals with a shared vision of a low energy, low carbon future and who bring an additional specialty skill to the team. Any or all the skills within the association can be brought to bear, as required, to service our clients’ requirements.

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