The Building Sustainability Index

For homes, additions and multi units (in NSW) a BASIX Certificate is required before a Development Application is issued. Obtaining a BASIX Certificate means your design has met certain energy and water use objectives.

BASIX (The Building Sustainability Index) was introduced as part of the NSW Government’s 2004 initiative to ‘encourage sustainable residential development’ and is in effect part of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act.

The BASIX certificate aims to help lower greenhouse gases, improve thermal comfort performance and reduce water consumption across New South Wales.

Certification is mandatory across single dwellings, multi unit developments and renovations if the cost is $50,000 or more.

BASIX - Certification Required

New residential dwellings built in NSW valued at $50,000 or more require a BASIX certificate as part of the development application stage. Properties we often prepare BASIX Certificates for include:

  • Single dwellings
  • Guest houses and grannie flats
  • Dual-occupancy
  • Pool/sauna/spa (40,000 or more litres of water)
  • Multi units
  • Villas
  • Townhouses
  • Renovations

We are here to help

BASIX is intended to be a Do-It-Yourself process for simple dwellings and extensions. However, it can get involved if you don’t pass and alternate solutions are needed. It also takes time which can be at a premium.

Class 2 buildings (multiple dwellings) and more complex Class 1 buildings (single detached home) require energy modelling. Application Solutions can help in this area.

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