“Turn what you have to do into what you want to do”

In spite of having to add ESD features to your development there are some good reasons for wanting to do so!

  • Section J—Cost Benefit

    No one likes more regulations. Yet no one seems to really object to the idea of regulating for energy efficiency. There are plenty of grumbles from people who have found out about the new regulations late in the approval process resulting in unexpected delay and cost. Others have complained that it has increased complexity. And […]

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  • Section J – the big secret!

    It still surprises us how little is known about Section J in the wider community. Environmentalists are surprised to find out that Section J is in place and affecting new commercial buildings. Is Section J working, or not?…

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  • The Origins of Section J

    The effect of greenhouse gases on the climate and the consequential widespread effects on communities are now well recognised. Realising this must have an impact on the way we build. Read on to find our more about reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Australia

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