“Turn what you have to do into what you want to do”

In spite of having to add ESD features to your development there are some good reasons for wanting to do so!

Proving Compliance

Occasionally a certificate purporting that a design complies with Section J is submitted yet there is no evidence to show that it does. Application Solutions checked up on a certificate recently only to find the person concerned didn’t have a copy of Section J and didn’t know what it contained. That didn’t stop him claiming that his design complied!

So, what is involved in showing compliance with Section J?

The answer to this can be found in the BCA and in the ABCB’s Energy Efficiency Information Handbook.

Briefly, Part A2.2 of the BCA provides that evidence to support a design meets the Deemed to Satisfy provisions may be in the form of a certificate from a professional engineer (or other appropriately qualified person) who

(A) certifies that a design complies with Section J and

(B) sets out the basis on which it is given

Make sure any certificate you receive that a design is in compliance with Section J is done by an appropriately qualified and experienced person and who will prepare full supporting documentation.

Section J

Winter-Spring 2009

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