2012 Winter

Saving Energy – Commercial Kitchens

Our Alliance Partner, DNA Energy Solutions have for many years provided voltage management equipment to reduce energy consumed by lighting. This is particularly effective in factories with high bay lights. Savings of 25% to 35% are typically achieved in these situations. As factory high bay lights usually run all day, at peak tariff, it is very costly. […]

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ESD Internship

Application Solutions is currently hosting a young graduate during an internship. Michael has a degree in electrical engineering and a Masters in Engineering Science (Photvoltaics and Solar Energy). During his time with us he has been looking at electrical load shifting strategies to reduce the peak load (and therefore cost) for businesses. He has also been

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Energy Efficient LED Lighting

We have been following the progress of WBS Technology for some years and it was good to see them at the Expo also. WBS became involved in LED lighting back when the quality available was indifferent and the cost prohibitive. WBS set out to manufacture their own LED lighting where they could guarantee the quality

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Cradle to Cradle – Carpet

Back in 2008 the Green Building Council of Australia ran the Green Cities Conference. At that conference there was an inspirational presentation by Michael Braungart, co-author of the book ‘Cradle to Cradle’. Michael outlined an entirely different way of thinking about technology modelled on a technological cycle which mimics the biological cycle. In this cycle

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Retrofit Double Glazing

Another option for improving energy efficiency in existing buildings is to install double glazing. Double glazing improves the insulation property of glazing. However, to replace existing glazing is a very expensive option. The Magnetite systems utilises the existing glazing and adds an inner glazed panel. This panel is made of polycarbonate and is light and

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Energy Efficient Window Film

Options for improving energy efficiency in existing buildings is always welcome. New high tech window films can help improve the thermal performance of your existing glazing. The air-conditioning load placed on a building with high solar heat gain on one side and cold shadows on the other is substantial and costly. By reducing the solar

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Recycling Fluorescent Lights

Whether you are replacing a single faulty fluro or re-lamping the building with more energy efficient lighting, the problem of disposing of the old fluro tubes presents itself. Fluro tubes contain mercury and should not be disposed of in the garbage. 96% of lamps containing mercury end up in land fill*. Now there is an

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Total Facilities Live Expo

The Application Solutions team attended the Total Facilities Live Expo recently. The first thing that struck us was how, in a few short years, the range of energy efficient options available has increased enormously. We have picked out a few exhibitors in different areas to highlight in this edition of our newsletter. The examples chosen

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Green Star Buildings

Green Star has become a default standard for the design of environmentally sustainable buildings. As it is a voluntary rating system it has been, until recently, confined to CBD buildings being developed with a visionary zeal. As time has passed many tenants have evolved their own environmental standards for buildings they lease and are starting

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