2014 Summer

Stop Press

Alistair Whyte has launched a fundraising campaign to purchase a diesel generator for the pottery project in SW Bay, Melakula and asked us to spread the word. The Whyte family have featured in our sailing log many times and the yacht has transported equipment and materials for the pottery project as an aside to the […]

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Remote Area Medical Assistance

In our last Newsletter we included an item about the impending departure of the yacht Chimere from Sydney Harbour bound for Vanuatu. It is hard to believe that time has flown by and that the 5 month project is over, having been successfully completed with the yacht and all its crew safely back home. This

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Sugar Battery

Every day we look through the advances in science reported in Science Daily. The article below caught our eye and we thought it was worth sharing. We hope you enjoy the article and are encouraged by the potential of science to develop environmentally friendly technology. ‘Sugar is a perfect energy storage compound in nature’ Jan.

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The Value of Energy Monitoring

The first step to take in the energy reduction journey is monitoring. The old saying is true: “you can’t control what you can’t measure”. We design a monitoring scheme that will reveal the critical issues early and allows ongoing monitoring to ensure everything is working as it should. The monitoring system can be designed to

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Solar Contribution

The Australian Solar Council puts out regular bulletins on all things solar. Two recent releases caught our attention. They are both related. The first looks at the contribution solar energy makes to the grid during peak times and the second looks at its effect on electricity pricing. Here is an extract of the two articles.

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