The Commercial Building Disclosure Scheme – Take Action

In our own work we are assisting a number of companies go through a process to prepare themselves for the introduction of the CBD Scheme. That work has led us to make the following general recommendations to building owners:

Ensure a senior executive is appointed to oversee the NABERS/CBD process, facilitate the data collection activities, arrange access to all relevant parts of the building and its tenancies as necessary, and be a point of contact for the assessor.

Time to complete the rating is subject to many variables, and can take several weeks or more depending on data availability. Commence the rating process as early as possible and allow time to source data as required and to complete the rating process prior to any sales or leasing marketing processes.

Make available the Building or Facilities Manager and any appropriate services staff to access all relevant areas of the Building.

First featured in our newsletter Winter 2010

CBD Scheme

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