Challenge Conventional Thinking

We thought it was a good time to be a little philosophical and reflect on the approach we take to energy master planning.

“We need creativity in order to break free from the temporary structures that have been set up by a particular sequence of experience” Edward de Bono

Many years ago Edward De Bono explained that we have what we have;  in the way we have it, by dint of the sequential arrival over time of each new development. But what if we had all those developments in front of us at one time and we could design our world again. It would look very different! We would have the opportunity to put the pieces together in a more logical way which minimises waste and neglect and more successfully achieves our goals.

This is the approach we take to energy use. What if we look at things differently? Put the pieces together in a different way? The process culminates in an energy master plan.

We apply the Energy Master Planning approach to both new and existing buildings, looking for integrated system options that would normally be overlooked when individual disciplines are involved. Once a system is conceptualised it is modelled and tested. The process may be iterated until the system is optimised. The output of this process becomes the brief for the individual disciplines to proceed with the detail design work.

Co-Generation, Smart Management of HVAC… it all comes together in an energy master plan

In some cases where specialised technologies are involved we further contribute to the detail design. Throughout the process we can provide an overarching role to keep the journey from concept to achievement on track. Naturally, an integrated system can look complex so we can use a 3D CAD computer program to present the finished concept in a graphically simple way. This can be developed further with a fly through presentation which highlights the individual components in turn.


To achieve big savings it is time to think outside the square.
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If you would like some thought provoking thoughts on thinking, check out the Edward de Bono website or view the video below.


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