Environmental Upgrade Agreements

In our last newsletter we talked about Environmental Upgrade Agreements which is the scheme in NSW to help Landlords and Tenants of commercial properties undertake approved works and equitability share the costs/benefits. We think it’s a great idea as getting agreements between Landlords and tenants can be a real stumbling block to getting work done.

However, the scheme revolves around local councils adopting the scheme and offering it their areas. Up to now only a few councils have got involved. According to the NSW Government web site the following Councils are involved.

EUAs are currently available for non-strata commercial buildings in these local council areas:

  • City of Sydney – 02 9246 7843 or email
  • Parramatta City Council – 02 9806 5755 or email
  • North Sydney Council – 02 9936 8100 or email
  • Lake Macquarie City Council – 02 4921 0333 or email

In addition the following councils are planning to introduce EUAs

  • The City of Newcastle – 02 4974 2214 or email
  • Penrith City Council – 02 4732 7803 or email
  • Wollongong City Council – 02 4227 7266

See more information on the NSW government website

The failure of local councils to get behind the scheme was highlighted in a recent Sydney Morning Herald article (January 8, 2013) by Harvey Grennan. Mr Grennan points out the benefits of the scheme and highlights the recent example of a building owned by Australian Unity at 10 Valentine Avenue, Parramatta. (Photo from Australian Unity)

“The agreement was initiated by the NSW State Property Authority, the tenant of the building. The agreement will fund a lighting upgrade which will reduce lighting costs by an estimated 60 per cent.”

Mr Grennan quotes the Lord Mayor of Parramatta, John Chedid, saying “EUAs in Parramatta’s CBD alone can potentially attract $150 million of investment in building upgrades, create 148 full-time jobs and reduce building owners’ outgoing costs by $26 million, through water and electricity savings,”

reference Sydney Morning Herald article

With benefits like this, why isn’t everyone doing it?


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