Getting on top of BASIX – Thermal Simulation

BASIX is a sustainability assessment tool required in NSW for all new residential developments as well as alterations and additions to existing buildings in which the cost of work exceeds $50 000. By taking data from the design, location, size and building materials, BASIX aims to reduce energy and water usage which in turn helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Completed assessment provides a BASIX Certificate which is mandatory in the Development Approval stage.

Application Solutions has completed BASIX assessments for apartments, houses, unit blocks, high-rise mixed use, townhouses and government housing projects in locations all across the Greater Sydney area. We believe a BASIX assessment, although compulsory, is an investment as you will enjoy reduced costs on your energy and water bills compared to residential buildings prior to the BASIX scheme. Our goal is to gain exceptional efficiency performance whilst keeping construction costs to a minimum.

First featured in our newsletter Spring 2011

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