Get your NABERS Rating Certification

The National Australian Built Environment Rating System – NABERS Rating Scheme

The National Australian Built Environment Rating System – NABERS Rating Scheme (formerly ABGR) (Energy, Water, Indoor Environment, Waste Rating) is an initiative to help building owners and tenants across Australia benchmark their greenhouse performance.

The key benefits are:

  • Provides market recognition and a competitive advantage for low greenhouse emitters and energy efficient buildings;
  • Encourages best practice in the design, operation and maintenance of commercial buildings to minimise greenhouse emissions

The scheme is administered nationally by the NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change (DECC) and locally by leading state greenhouse agencies, the NABERS scheme rates buildings from one to five stars with five stars representing exceptional greenhouse performance.

While the Green Star scheme is designed to assess buildings at the design stage, NABERS is designed to assess buildings when complete and in full operation. The main features are:

  • It’s voluntary – a rating can be initiated by a building owner, manager or tenant;
  • It rates a building according to its actual performance, using 12 months’ energy data;
  • It can be used for the base building (central services), whole building or individual tenancies;
  • It allows developers to “badge” the greenhouse performance of their new office development from the outset on the proviso that DECC will rate its actual operational performance and advise the tenants;
  • It’s available now for all Australian office buildings.
    NABERS while originally designed as is voluntary scheme is now also an integral requirement of the compulsory Commercial Building Disclosure Scheme
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