NCC/BCA2012 – Section J Update

On the 1st May each year the new building code comes out. This year there is very little to report concerning changes to Section J. There were major changes in 2010 but in 2011 and 2012 the changes have been relatively minor.

However, the Australian Building Codes Board is foreshadowing major future changes resulting from COAG decisions to implement the National Strategy on Energy Efficiency. The NSEE sets out the key elements of the outcomes-based national building energy standard-setting, assessment and rating framework (‘the Framework’) that jurisdictions have committed to developing.

NSEE Framework has three key components:

1. Providing a pathway, implemented primarily through the Building Code of Australia (BCA), for increasing the stringency of the minimum performance requirements for new buildings and renovations;

2. Providing consistent, accurate and understandable methodologies for assessing and for publicly communicating the energy efficiency (and other sustainability elements over time) of new and existing buildings; and

3. Enhancing governance arrangements for building energy assessments, ratings and standard setting.

Refer also to the ABCB web site

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