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Designing for sustainability is now an integral part of the design process. Whether this is explicit or implicit there is a responsibility to look ahead and help the client future proof the building.

  • NABERS Rating

    NABERS energy rating is now a common standard for energy efficiency. However, because it kicks in during the operational life of the building it is often overlooked at the design stage. Don’t design in problems for the future. Find out what you need to do so your client can obtain a NABERS rating in the future. Contact Application Solutions.

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  • Green Star Rating

    Green Star is a systemic process that interconnects all participants in the design process. Contact Application Solutions to help prepare your strategy to achieve the required Green Star rating for the project.

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  • Energy Modeling

    Energy modeling provides the essential feedback needed in the design process to ensure the design is on track to meet its objectives. Application Solutions can bring this capacity to your team.

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  • Concept Development

    The best ESD performance for a new design results from taking ESD issues on board from the beginning. Application Solutions brings the ESD input to your team.

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  • Commercial Building Disclosure Scheme

    There are stright forward things that need to be done in the design stage to ensure a commercial building can meet the compliance requirements of the CBD Scheme. If these items are over looked the building will inevitably have problems once built. Smooth the path ahead and include compliance capacity into the design.

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  • Building Code Compliance - Section J - Energy Efficiency

    Building Code Compliance

    Testing building code compliance usually happens at the end of the design process. This can introduce big risks and achieving compliance can require significant changes to the design. Avoid potential road blocks in the design process and test Section J of the BCA early.

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  • Achieving Target Energy Ratings

    Incorporating sustainability principles in to your design work requires the input from a specialist team who also understand the development process. Application Solutions can join your team to help you deliver sustainable developments.

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