Saving Energy – Commercial Kitchens

Our Alliance Partner, DNA Energy Solutions have for many years provided voltage management equipment to reduce energy consumed by lighting. This is particularly effective in factories with high bay lights. Savings of 25% to 35% are typically achieved in these situations. As factory high bay lights usually run all day, at peak tariff, it is very costly. Consequently the savings available using this equipment are substantial. DNA Energy Solutions are now pioneering voltage management systems in commercial kitchens and are the Australian distributor for the Intelegens Units made by Lyte and Lyte, Italy. This equipment has been proven in Europe over many years and is now available in Australia.

Ken Fuller, from DNA Energy Solutions explains; “INTELIGENS is a Voltage Optimisation device, sometimes referred to as voltage reduction, that maximises the voltage supplied to your equipment through a smart microprocessor. By reducing the natural energy waste and optimising the flow of supply, the energy consumption is reduced without affecting the operation of equipment. Power reduce of up to 25% can be expected”. DNA Energy Solutions has systems available for commercial kitchens, commercial/industrial lighting and air-conditioning equipment.

The photos were taken at a recent installation of the Intelegens Units in a restaurant.

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