“Turn what you have to do into what you want to do”

In spite of having to add ESD features to your development there are some good reasons for wanting to do so!

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  • Basix

    For homes, additions and multi units (in NSW) a Basix Certificate is required before a Development Application is issued. Obtaining a Basix Certificate means your design has met certain energy and water use objectives.  Basix is intended to be a Do-It-Yourself process for simple dwellings and extensions. However, it can get involved if you don’t […]

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  • Commercial Building Disclosure Scheme

    If you are selling or leasing all or part of a commercial building you could be affected by the Commercial Building Disclosure Scheme.

    This is a Federal Government scheme designed to drive improvement in energy efficiency in commercial buildings by requiring the energy performance to be disclosed.

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  • Concept Development

    The potential of a building to have good energy efficiency starts at the earliest concept sketch. This is the time to develop a simple energy model and test options during the concept development phase. Application Solutions can work along side you to build the energy model of your design to optimize its energy performance. Contact Applications […]

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  • Energy Modeling

    Energy modeling is essential in many aspects of building design. It can be used to help develop the design concept, to validate energy performance for rating schemes such as Green Star and NABERS and in some cases for BCA compliance purposes. Contact Application Solutions

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  • Environmentally Sustainable Development

    The development of an environmentally friendly building may be a requirement of the tenant or owner or it may be a condition of approval. It usually means an integration of systems and ideas and if not handled systemically can cost a lot more than it should. There are also requirements of rating schemes and the […]

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  • Green Building Project Management

    There is a range of practical issues that must be addressed to achieve green building design. Without co-ordination and planning this can result in duplication and extra cost. Application Solutions is able to assist this process in the following ways: Packaging and integration of the range of compliance and best practice requirements. Provision of services as […]

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  • Green Star Rating

    The Green Star rating scheme is administered by the Green Building Council of Australia. Green Star is a comprehensive, national, voluntary environmental rating scheme that evaluates the environmental design and achievements of buildings. Green Star was developed for the property industry in order to: – Establish a common language; – Set a standard of measurement […]

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  • Improving Energy Management and Cost Control

    Whether you run a building or a business you are managing energy. Other costs are managed carefully but energy is invisible and over looked. And the cost is significant and increasing. Application Solutions can undertake energy audits and energy management plans. This can include data logging of individual energy uses to pin point potential savings. […]

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  • NABERS Rating

    The National Australian Built Environment Rating System – NABERS Rating Scheme (formerly ABGR) (Energy, Water, Indoor Environment, Waste Rating) is an initiative to help building owners and tenants across Australia benchmark their greenhouse performance. The key benefits are: • Provides market recognition and a competitive advantage for low greenhouse emitters and energy efficient buildings; • […]

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  • Other Rating Schemes

    There are a range of other rating schemes (other than Green Star and NABERS) available each serving a specific purpose. The Eco Footprint Calculator for example has been used by a number of developers to ensure they minimise the carbon footprint of their developments. We are able to help our clients navigate through the inevitable maze […]

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  • Saving Energy Costs

    The energy efficiency field has become very topical in recent years. It is often referred to in the media, in political debates and in reports from scientists. It also comes under many headings such as the greenhouse effect, carbon emissions and sustainability. As a result of all the public discussion it has also become a […]

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  • Section J – Energy Efficiency

    Building Code Compliance

    When applying for a construction certificate you will need to show that you have complied with Energy Efficiency provisions of the Building Code of Australia (Section J). Application Solutions brings their considerable experience to each project it under takes which un-complicates the compliance process and adds value to your project.

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  • Sustainability ~ Policy and Management

    Organizations are becoming increasingly interested in being good corporate citizens and have adopted the triple bottom line protocol to report their efforts in the economic, social and environmental spheres. Application Solutions can help an organization develop and introduce triple bottom line reporting processes to international standards. In addition, Application Solutions can support an organizations sustainability […]

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