Sustainable Sydney—2030

Last month we attended a seminar where the City of Sydney tri-generation strategy was explained. This is also elaborated on in the City of Sydney web site: “It is expected that tri-generation, when combined with other demand reduction measures, will provide approximately 70% of the electricity requirements for the City in 2030. The balance of energy provision in the City will be delivered by renewable energy so that the City becomes near independent of coal fired centralised energy generation by 2030.”

UK sustainability expert Allan Jones MBE is helping to reduce Sydney\’s carbon footprint. \”The City of Sydney, like London, produces the major proportion of its greenhouse gas emissions from centralised power generation – power generated extremely inefficiently at remote locations like the Hunter Valley. Almost 80 per cent of Sydney\’s emissions come from coal fired electricity supplied to homes and businesses,\” says Mr Jones. For more information refer to:

Sustainable Development

Winter 2010\"\"

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