“Turn what you have to do into what you want to do”

In spite of having to add ESD features to your development there are some good reasons for wanting to do so!

Articles tagged "thermal envelope"

  • A Closer Look

    We have picked out a few key points from each of the new parts of Section J starting with J1.3 Roof and Ceiling Construction.   Roof and Ceiling Construction This appears to be a very short section which should be easy to get one’s head around. If you take out all the lines of text […]

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  • The New Section J

    In the Dec 2018 newsletter, we talked about the goals of the ABCB review that lead to the new Section J code. They were 1/ Increase in stringency, 2/Simplification and 3/ Increase the emphasis on verification methods. Where these goals achieved? There is definitely an increase in stringency and added to the range of verification […]

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