The Future is in the hands of youth

I recently I saw a TV item on a young nuclear scientist. The snippets I saw stayed in my mind but didn’t make sense. For example I remember that as a primary school age boy he gave a one hour lecture on nuclear physics at a school open day. I remember the high pitched pre-puberty voice and about 3 people in the audience. Apparently his school mates couldn’t last the distance. Then there was reference to him building a working nuclear fusion reactor at 14. There was a memorable quote from his Dad who said “Taylor thinks differently to us”. He thinks differently to everyone I would say! Anyway I googled around and found other references and discovered his is a pretty amazing guy and a very engaging speaker.

Maybe he will invent a solution to the energy crises with a little fusion reactor installed in the garage and networked to the grid. Who knows? (Photo from story written by Matt Lynley at

If you would like to be inspired, have a listen to this 3:30min lecture.

And for more, visit Taylors web site.

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