The New Section J

In the Dec 2018 newsletter, we talked about the goals of the ABCB review that lead to the new Section J code. They were 1/ Increase in stringency, 2/Simplification and 3/ Increase the emphasis on verification methods.

Where these goals achieved? There is definitely an increase in stringency and added to the range of verification methods available.

However, the new provisions are not simpler or easier to read. We need to reset that goal.

When we prepared the last newsletter item on the new Section J, we took the big picture approach to introduce it. However, we knew it would not be until we had rolled our sleeves up and were doing a real assessment that we would be able to test how straight forward the new code was to use.

We started doing reassessments of old projects to practice using the new code in the lead up to 1 May 2020. We were surprised how much detail was involved and how long it took. To deal with the new reality we progressively built a computerised assessment tool. In this way little details that had to be calculated in one area and then used later in another area didn’t get lost or overlooked. The Assessment Tool is based on excel and ended up with 10 individual calculation pages using a lot of “IF” statements and macros to get the results we needed.

Now our assessments are only taking a bit longer than the previous Section J to complete, which is great news!

We have prepared some notes on the new Section J which you can read by clicking here.

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