Welcome to our latest Industry Update – Newsletter.

Every day sees something in the media about energy and the environment. It is hard to avoid coming across and leaves you wondering where it is all heading. Here are a few examples from the Sydney Morning Herald in the last few weeks.

  • Malaysian city plans bright green future
  • Big energy users agree to switch off in peaks
  • Chinese capture lion\’s share of solar
  • Data centres reach for the sun
  • ACT Plans for 90% Renewable Energy by 2020
  • Solar panel take-up warms to a million

We think it is all part of the ill-defined journey towards a green economy. In years to come we will look back and say “remember when…..” There may be public debate at the moment but underneath it all the big corporations and most governments know we are heading that way and are preparing themselves. It is up to all of us to prepare by reducing our energy consumption and reducing our ecological footprint.

Application Solutions provides services to help business do this and it is gratifying to see the results in reduced energy consumption and cost savings.

The theme of this newsletter is about using energy modelling in a variety of situations to predict the effects of capital expenditure on environmentally sustainable development options. We hope you find it useful.

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