Carbon Disclosure Project – 2012 reports released

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is an organisation that works to transform the way the world does business to prevent dangerous climate change and protect natural resources. It has just released its first reports on the results of their 2012 survey of carbon disclosure and performance by the world’s largest companies with some very interesting results. Their analyses find that in spite of the economic downturn, climate change has not dropped off the agenda of company boards.

Global 500 companies listed physical changes, regulation, stakeholder pressure and customer behaviour as drivers for action by companies.

The methods used most frequently to drive investment in emission reduction were:

  • Having a dedicated budget for energy efficiency (51% of companies);
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements/ standards (49%);
  • Employee engagement (44%).

Payback periods were shortest for emission reduction activities involving:

  • Behavioural change (less than 1 year for 69% of these activities);
  • Transportation fleet (less than 1 year for 50%);
  • Transportation use (less than 1 year for 41%).

At the other end of the spectrum the installation of low carbon energy had a payback period of greater than 3 years for 72% of activities.

S&P 500 US companies reported that the most common energy reduction activity implemented was energy efficiency-building services such as HVAC, lighting and building controls; followed by energy efficiency-processes; transportation fleet; low carbon energy installation; energy efficiency building fabrication; and behavioural change.

The Carbon Disclosure Project surveys over 8000 companies worldwide annually on behalf of 655 investors with assets of US$78 trillion. View the reports.

Dr Pamela Stark
Principal – The Middle Way

Dr Pamela Stark and the Middle Way team are Application Solutions’ Alliance Partners. The Alliance forms a broad collaboration which works to help organisations achieve their sustainability objectives.

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