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We can’t get away from the fact that sustainability in general and energy efficiency in particular is central to business survivability. Businesses that take measures to reduce their ecological footprint and reduce energy use will be the survivors; all other things being equal. It takes time and organisational skill to make a difference in this area.

If you wait till it is obvious, because everyone is ‘doing it’, it is likely to be too late. The companies ‘doing it’ will have stolen the march and while you are catching up they are going to market with a lower cost structure and winning business.

We are pleased to be able to help companies in this area. It is all the more gratifying because the investment returns of this sort of work are high which makes our clients very happy.

We are also noticing the gradual move of sustainability ratings like Green Star and NABERS moving out of the big cities and into the regions. Because of this we decided to participate this year in the Green Cities Expo along with our long time friend and colleague, Dr Matthew Parnell (Greensynergy). If you are heading off to the conference and expo, please drop in for a visit.

I trust you will find the newsletter useful. Dont hesitate to drop us a line if you would like something particular discussed in future newsletters.

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